Handmade Guinea Pig Sleeping Bags
These bags are not for sale.
Modeled by Sugar
Modeled by Sugar
Modeled by Cloud
Modeled by Popcorn
Modeled by Popcorn
Modeled by (L-R) Floopy, Bibi and Kooky of Belgium
Modeled by Cloud
Tunnel Cover
Modeled by Cloud
Modeled by Dottie
Modeled by Millie
Modeled by Flower
Modeled by Ruby
Pictures of Cloud and Sugar are propety of Theresa
Pictures of Kooky, Floopy and Bibi are propety of CoolCavy (Karine)
Pictures of Timothy and Kadari are propety of Shea.
Pictures of Sugar the Mouse and Popcorn are propety of RaveMoon
Pictures of Dottie, Flower, Millie and Ruby are propety of Jill.
Pictures of Moscow, Rocky,Snow George, Rory, Sookie and Penny are propety of Becky.
Pictures of Lenny are propety of Tammy.
Pictures of Pandora are Propety of Victoria.
Pictures of Autumn and King are Propety of Angel.
Please do not take any of the photos without permission from me first.
Modeled by Rocky
Modeled by Moscow the Ferret
Modeled by Penny
Modeled by Snow George
Modeled by Winslow
Modeled by Winslow
Modeled by Squiggy
Modeled by Squiggy
Modeled by Lenny
Modeled by Rory
Modeled by Sookie
Modeled by Pandora
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Modeled by Autumn
Modeled by King
Modeled by Timothy
Surgery Socks
Modeled by Floopy
Until now, piggies that had surgery are put in an old sock to prevent them biting the surgery sutures and to prevent hay and other stuff getting in the wound. Piggies necks are almost as big as their heads, so a “lampshade” like dogs are put on are not an option. Now, ever tried putting an old sock onto a piggie? So, this is the solution: a surgery sock. Floopy had a try-out. Floopy a very squirmy pig, so she's a great subject, as she uses her legs as thread mils when you need to have her sit still. She didn't mind at all to model. Floopy ran around with it and it stays put, she was not freaked out and she didn't try to take it off either.

The sock is easiest to fit on when you hold the pig with its back against your chest, flip the hind leg holes over the hind legs, put the pig on a table, close the velcro, take the front paws through the front holes. Easy as pie.

The back bottom end is done in a way that it can't be peed on. It even has the advantage that you can stick a bit of material under it, in case that the wound has not dried up yet.

The sock can be boiled and desinfected, plus it's stretchy and makes it fit perfectly. One size fits all, except bubs, as the velcro can be closed to fit for all sized pigs!

This is so easy to fit on, it works like a charm!

Description written by Karine Jans
1 Surgery Sock is $6.00 or get 3 Surgery Socks for $15.00 Does not include Shipping.
Guinea Pig not included with your purchase.
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