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Born Enrique Martin Morales on December 24, 1971 in San Juan Puerto Rico. 

Everyone knew from day one that he would make a difference in the world. He has done just that. He not only sings he is a defender of human rights and has his own foundation to fight human trafficking. He is the proud father of twin boys born in August of 2008. He has written a book and is working on a new CD to be released in 2011. No other human being could do all this and still have time for his fans. But Ricky does and he has a heart of gold. Ricky is one of a kind. 

What you read here on this page comes from my heart. I mean every word I write. It is written in my own words and comes from my mind. Some may think, oh that is boring to read. That is their opinion. I am writing for Ricky and what I feel about him and all that he does in the world. 
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"An amazing man with an even more amazing heart." ~Theresa-Anne Wirth~  March 9, 2010

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How Has Ricky Martin Inspired Me...
     Ricky, has taught me through his words and music to not be afraid of my dreams. When I listen to his songs, I feel like I can conquer the world. I used to be shy, and not really speak my mind. Now I am stronger and I know what I want out of life.

     I am learning new languages like Spanish, which I always wanted to learn but was afraid to. I took French in College and didn't really apply myself to learn it more. Now knowing that Ricky can speak 5 languages, it has given me the courage to learn again and not to give up.

     I was writing a Children's book a few years ago about my Guinea Pigs Cloud and Sugar and the adventures they went on with the friends they have met over the years. I had a great start to it and I was going to submit it to a Publisher. Then in Nov of 2008 my precious Cloud died suddenly. My heart was broken and I stopped writing. I gave up on my dream of writing my book. I couldn't deal with the loss of Cloud and to continue writing about her in my story when she was gone. It wasn't fair. But then I read these words:

Don't be afraid don't hesitate now
Let's take it now don't wait for later
And if it feel right just let it go
And if it's alright you got to let it flow

Lyrics from the song "It's Alright" by Ricky Martin

     I knew that I must complete my book, so I am writing it now again. I am dedicating it to Cloud. I will go on and open up a new chapter with Sugar and Lucy. I want to add all the friends they have met on Twitter. I also want to add all the amazing people I have met on Twitter and I have Ricky Martin to thank for that. 

     I have liked Ricky Martin and Robi "Draco" Rosa since they were in the all boy band Menudo. They were my favorites. Music was the only thing back in my life that would calm me down and take me to a place that I could forget troubles and preasure of school. I liked many kinds of music. My Dad was very much into the Latin and Salsa music. I remember he would always have a tape playing in the car of Julio Iglesias or a station he found on the radio of Latin music.
I remember when I was 10 I wanted to play some kind of musical instrument. My first choice was Drums. lol I thought that would be so cool to bang on my drums all day. But Mom and Dad didn't like that idea. So after careful thought I chose the Clarinet. Mom was happy but Dad was not. My Half brother Danny when he was growing up played the Clarinet and not well I might add. Dad said why can't you play the Flute like your Half sister Cathy did. I didn't want too. So after 3 years of that I said enough. I learned to play the Organ and I was good in Singing. 

Some how I got away from music and in 1991 my Dad passed away, leaving my love for music on hold. With no music to listen to because of my depression over losing my Dad. I lost tract of Ricky and Robi. Until Ricky came out with the song "Shake Your Bon Bon" I went to the store and bought the single on cassette tape. But still the feeling wasn't there to be happy. Then in 2009 I discovered my passion for music again and Latin music at that. I was happy and it made me feel great inside. I have built up my collection of Latin Singers and Ricky Martin music now. I know that my Dad is happy and he knows that I must no lose faith in music, as it will soothe the soul when needed.
What does Latin Music mean to Me???
I support Ricky Martin and the Ricky Martin Foundation. Do you? If you don't please do. They can't do the work alone. The more people that help out and support them the better. For more information please visit: http://rickymartinmusic.com/
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Remember this date: November 2, 2010
Remember this date: November 2, 2010
ENGLISH: http://bit.ly/9FwNdI  #ME

Español: http://bit.ly/aNoeah  #YO 
Nov 2,
Ricky Martin
is working hard on his new CD. It will be coming out sometime in 2011.
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I have ordered my copy of "ME" by Ricky Martin. 
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Release Date- 11-17-08
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Release Date- 11-5-07
Name- Unplugged
Release Date- 5-8-07
Name- Life
Release Date- 10-10-05
Name- Almas Del Silencio
Release Date- 5-19-03
Name- Best of Ricky Martin
Release Date- 10-30-01
Name- La Historia
Release Date- 2-27-01
Name- Sound Loaded
Release Date- 11-14-00
Name- Vuelve
Release Date- 2-10-98
Name- Ricky Martin
Release Date- 5-11-99
Name- A Medio Vivir
Release Date- 9-12-95
Name- Me Amaras
Release Date- 4-13-93
Name- Ricky Martin
Release Date- 9-26-91