Suzie Tribble
American Guinea pig
Birthday March 10, 2015
I currently live alone in my own house but soon I will bond with my friend Millie. She is a very pretty Abyssinian Guinea pig. She is my neighbor. We tried to get together last year but I was Very bossy and always aggressive. I have calmed down alot over the year, So our mommy Theresa will try to bond us again and see what happens. Wish us luck and keep your paws crossed for good luck.
Favorite Sports to Watch- Baseball (The Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants) College Football (Notre Dame Fighting Irish), NHL Hockey (Detroit Red Wings).

Favorite TV Show- Star Trek the Original Series, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek The Next Generation. I am also very fond of the show Dr. Who. The 10th doctor was very cute. At least that is what I hear mommy say when she watches on tv. I also like to watch Chopped, they cook alot of yummy foods. Some I don't know what they are but they look good.

Hobbies- I love to snuggle under my blankets and hide. Somedays I am so good at it, no one can see me. I am very shy but once mommy holds me I snuggle right in and feel so safe in her arms. I am also known to sing a bit. Mommy says I have a beautiful voice. I think so too. :)